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14 AWG Teck Cable 600 Volts

14 AWG Teck 90 Cable comes in many conductor counts. It is a rugged armored cable commonly used in the Petrochemical Industry, Mines, Heavy Industrial Applications and around the Farm or Ranch where a durable long lasting cable is required.  It was originally designed for use in hard rock mining in Canada, but is now popular around the world.  Teck 90 has XLP Insulated Conductors, a Bare Ground Wire, and Inner PVC Jacket, Aluminum or Galvanized Steel Interlocking Armor, and a PVC Jacket.  It is rated 90C and the Jacket is Chemical Resistant and Sunlight Resistant.

EWCS provides 14 AWG Teck 90 cables in standard lengths, but we will gladly cut to your requirements.  Please email or call for a special quote!