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EWCS Has The Right Fire Alarm Cables For You

15th Sep 2017

Safety is the single most important aspect of a building, whether it be an office, a school, or an apartment complex. The fact of the matter is, regardless of your building’s safety features, the lack … read more

What Makes the Best Electrical Wiring Other Than Copper

1st Aug 2017

If you are undertaking a home improvement project or large-scale construction job, one of the most important materials you need to locate is electrical wiring. A great deal of modern life depends on e … read more

What To Keep In Mind When Choosing Welding Cables

29th May 2017

Everyone from beginners to experts in welding should be aware of what to keep in mind when choosing the right welding cable. First of all, what is welding cable? It’s the electrical conductor tha … read more

Use 14 AWG Marine Primary Cable for More Than Just Boats

28th Feb 2017

Our 14 AWG marine primary cable is designed to withstand the incredibly harsh conditions inside of a boat's hull. Standard working circumstances for these cables are; sweltering temperatures, consiste … read more