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What Makes Quality Solar Panel Cable?

13th Oct 2020

Solar arrays capture energy from the sun, and for some homeowners around the country, investing in a solar panel system might be a very wise choice. We’ve investigated the topic in a recent blog on … read more

What Is Marine Battery Wire? And, Why It Matters

29th Sep 2020

At EWCS Wire, we specialize in providing our customers with electrical wires and cables for all of their needs, and if there’s something we’re good at in addition to doing that, it’s shedding some … read more

600 Volt Wire Types and Labeling

21st Sep 2020

There are many, many different types of 600-volt wire on our site, and their numbers and uses can be intimidating. Wires rated to 600 volts are used in a number of different settings and … read more

600 Volt Wire: What’s in a Name?

9th Sep 2020

This information here is probably innately understood to most electricians and electrical engineers, but to the average homeowner or business operator, the electrical terms that get thrown around ar … read more