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Technicians Everywhere, Rejoice!

1st Nov 2018

For those of you that work as technicians and electricians, we salute you. Your job is tough, and a tough job requires a lot of patience and genuine skill. In your line of work, it also requires a con … read more

EWCSWire: A Business You Can Trust

24th Sep 2018

You can tell the intentions of a company the moment you do business with them. Between the prices of the products, the quality of the items you purchase and the actual transaction, it’s easy to get a … read more

Electrical Cable Specialists for Your Every Need

10th Jul 2018

There’s something to be said about a one-stop-shop when you’re a technician. The jobs that you take on are tiresome, and finding out you need two completely unrelated items for a single job can be a h … read more

The Right Parts for the Job

23rd Jun 2018

You’ve shown up to a gig and your customer is eager to have their problem fixed. They’ve been waiting patiently, but you can tell that the problem has created anxiety. It isn’t an easy fix either; it’ … read more

Is Your Inventory Fully Stocked?

6th Jun 2018

From Battery Cable Wire to Marine Wire, a technician typically needs to know a great deal about the different wires and cables that they work with. Regardless of your specialization, the one … read more