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2 AWG Premium Extra Flexible Welding Cable

13th Oct 2016

All EWCS supplies, including the 2 AWG (American Wire Gauge) Premium Welding Cable, are manufactured in America with only high-quality materials. The superior quality associated with American made products is especially important when working with the high voltages necessary for welding.

The EWCS 2 AWG Welding Cable's Rubber Jacket Is Rugged Enough for Any Job

We make it a point to source only the finest materials for all our cable jackets. The 2 AWG Premium Welding Cable is insulated with a rugged EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) rubber jacket. According to the International Institute of Synthetic Rubber Producers:

EPDM or ethylene-propylene rubbers are excellent because they are resistance to heat, oxidation, ozone, weather aging, and much more. They are even resistant to polar solvents such as water acids, alkalies, phosphate esters and many ketones and alcohols. Ethylene-propylene rubbers are high in tensile and tear properties. They have excellent abrasion resistance. These rubbers are also equipped with oil swell resistance as well as flame retardant.

Our 2 AWG welding cable jacket is specially formulated to cope with extreme conditions often present during welding:

  • Remains flexible in heat or cold
  • Rated for 600 Volts at -50C +105C
  • Designed for constant movement and flexing
  • Resistant to weld splatter, flame, oil and gasoline
  • Halogen free

We offer your choice of red, black, green and blue rubber jackets to work any color coding model necessary.

Common Uses for 2 AWG Welding Cable

Our 2 AWG Premium Welding Cable contains 624 strands of 100% pure copper. You can rely on the quality of EWCS 2 AWG Premium Welding Cable for your most critical applications. There are many uses for this large gauge welding cable but below are the most typical functions for it:

  • Resistance welding leads
  • Automotive batteries
  • Jumper cables
  • Motor leads where specifically allowed

(Please make sure to verify you are using the appropriate wire gauge for your the job.)

EWCS is the Superior supplier of 2 AWG Welding Cable

We promise some of the most competitive prices, and always pay the freight. The 2 AWG Welding Cable is available in convenient coil lengths of 20, 25, 50,100 or 200 feet. We also supply specialty sizes and larger reels upon request. Contact us to learn about our special large quantity pricing.

Electric Wire & Cable Specialists is a full-line supplier of Electric and Electronic Wire & Cable and Accessories. We supply wire & cable in convenient lengths, and always pay the freight. We ship from a national network of distribution centers. Typically, your order arrives in 2-4 business days.

Please give us a call (800-262-1598) or contact us to get quote on your next job requirement.